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I decided to use TxtLocal as they provided a low cost solution with the added bonus of example Python code to send messages from within a script. They provide full documentation on their SMS API Gateway page which includes code examples for PHP, ASP, C#, VB .Net, VBA, Java and Perl as well as Python. This was perfect for my Raspberry Pi project.

Step 1 – Create an Account

It was quick and easy to sign up for a free account. This gives you 10 free messages so you’ve got a chance to test your code before having to pay for more messages.

Step 2 – Example Code

Create a Python script on your Pi named “send_sms.py” and include the following content :

#!/usr/bin/python #----------------------------------- # Send SMS Text Message # # Author : Matt Hawkins # Site : Date : 30/08/2012 # # Requires account with TxtLocal # Import required libraries import urllib # URL functions import urllib2 # URL functions # Define your message message = 'Test message sent from my Raspberry Pi' # Set your username and sender name. # Sender name must alphanumeric and # between 3 and 11 characters in length. username = 'joebloggs@example.com' sender = 'RPiSpy' # Your unique hash is available from the docs page # https://control.txtlocal.co.uk/docs/ hash = '1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234' # Set the phone number you wish to send # message to. # The first 2 digits are the country code. # 44 is the country code for the UK # Multiple numbers can be specified if required # e.g. numbers = ('447xxx123456', '447xxx654321') numbers = ('447xxx123456') # Set flag to 1 to simulate sending # This saves your credits while you are # testing your code. # To send real message set this flag to 0 test_flag = 1 #----------------------------------- # No need to edit anything below this line #----------------------------------- values = {'test' : test_flag, 'uname' : username, 'hash' : hash, 'message' : message, 'from' : sender, 'selectednums' : numbers } url = ' = urllib.urlencode(values) req = urllib2.Request(url, postdata) print 'Attempt to send SMS ...' try: response = urllib2.urlopen(req) response_url = response.geturl() if response_url==url: print 'SMS sent!' except urllib2.URLError, e: print 'Send failed!' print e.reason

Step 3 – Run

Assuming your Pi is connected to the Internet you can then run the script using :

Phones of Greek, U.S., officals tapped

2006-02-03 13:10:48 by HedonismBot

ATHENS, Greece -- Mobile phones belonging to top Greek military and government officials - including the prime minister - and the U.S. embassy were tapped for nearly a year beginning in the weeks before the 2004 Olympic games, the government said Thursday.
It was not known who was responsible for the taps, which numbered about 100 and included Greek Prime Minister Costas Caramanlis and his wife, and the ministers of foreign affairs, defense, public order and justice. Most of Greece's top military and police officers were also targeted, as were foreign ministry officials and a U.S. embassy number

Cell Phone Tracking App Helps Find Stolen Backpacks  — Patch.com
One of the bags included a cell-phone tracking system, and the officer and another parent were able to use the device to find the bags. Read: Digital Trends recently posted cell phone tracking tips.

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