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IPhone spy without jailbreak


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It's not about price, it's about freedom

2009-08-28 16:46:24 by rwhite17

I won't speak for anyone else, but the reason I don't like Apple is because, in order to use their products, you must do things their way. Want to transfer your music to an iPhone? Use iTunes or listen to silence. Of course, there are ways around some of Apple's control-freakiness, but they can cause hardware/software failures and Apple does whatever it can to subvert them with each new software update.
GNU/Linux, what's really unique about it, is not free as in no price (many companies make money around GNU/Linux), but it IS free as in free to do with your hardware/software whatever you'd like

iTools Provided – iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 5/4s/4 Jailout 2.0 ..  — Auto-o-Mobile
MobileSpy offers a truly unique, comprehensive iPhone monitoring software solution for average users that gives them the power to effectively monitor and record all phone calls, text messages, GPS user locations, Website Usage, and other actions taken ..

Photography (Mini Gadgets)
  • Recover deleted data from your iPhone
  • Easily back up important messages and contact
  • Includes 1 iRecovery and USB cable
  • Instructions included
5m USB Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera
Photography (Generic)
  • High resolution with 1/6 CMOS camera
  • 4 LED lux luminance lights can work better when the light very dark
  • Can record video, and save the video in the PC

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    • In order to install monitoring app on the iphone you need jailbreak it. Follow the link for some tested mobile spy tools on the market: