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Has anyone used spy software?

2010-11-13 15:08:17 by radiointerview

Are you curious to know how your cell phone is being Used?
Does your spouse get weird calls or text messages?
Are you concerned about the location of your Kids?
These questions and many more can be Answered simply
by placing Montitoring software on any smart phone.
You will be able to see all activity from the phone
Text Messages (even deleted ones)
Phone calls (all Numbers and caller id's)
Locate the phone using Google Maps.
You can even Listen in to calls that are in progress

FISA records document “daily violations” by government spy agencies  — World Socialist Web Site
When it originally authorized the “bulk telephony metadata” program, the NSA requested permission to conduct telephone spying on individuals about whom there was a “reasonable articulable suspicion” of links to terrorism.

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